Flux Aeterna - Praktijk voor Psychotherapie | How I work
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Towards A Gentle Rediscovery of Yourself


The core of my approach to therapy is entering into genuine contact, forging a respectful alliance where we look at the world from your perspective, focusing on what you are struggling with and what it is that you most desire or want to accomplish in your life. In my world, every person is unique and I strongly believe every person has a deeper purpose in life, frequently felt but not always fully examined. I have found it is often the case that personal suffering can be a first step on that road to selfindividualisation, to discovering who you are, what you are doing here and what your true capabilities are. Childhood trauma, painful experiences, or learned behavioural patterns in the family system of origin have often obscured the deeper aspects of the personality, causing people to feel estranged from themselves, which in turn creates a great amount of suffering.

I adhere to the ideology of integrative psychotherapy, which means I am trained in applying a variety of pyschotherapeutic techniques and methods, as long as they fit in with your needs, your desires and if the chosen workform is something you feel comfortable with. Where applicable and appropriate, we may also scrutinize your extended family system, your socio-cultural environment, your cognitive beliefs and behaviour, and explore your body awareness – all with a purpose of capturing the essence of your inner and outer world experience. In my vision, client and therapist work together towards the realization of your potential and your desires. And ultimately, to bring more freedom, joy and contentment to your every-day life.

integrative psychotherapy - Work Method
No focus, No direction

Do you feel like not getting out of bed anymore? Are you plagued by feelings of constant tiredness, inability to motivate oneself, feelings of giving up, of pointlessness, of burning out?

Anxiety, Jealousy, Abandonment

Are you deeply afraid of being abandoned in a relationship, or are you constantly suspicious or distrustful of your partner? Are you often plagued by feelings of anxiety or jealousy? Or is it hard for you to let someone come close, do you feel uncomfortable with intimacy? Do you quickly feel suffocated in your relations? I work specifically with anxiety around abandonment, attachment, proximity and feelings of distrust in relationships

 Painful memories, Youth Traumas

Processing of unresolved youth traumas and painful memories with specific techniques aiming at unblocking traumatic energies (“freeze”), particularly through emotional body work, bio-energetics and somatic experiencing.

Non-Violent communication, Loss of connection
Interpersonal Conflict

Are you continuously stuck in conflicts with your partner, children or colleagues? I work with rebuilding interpersonal communication skills, using the Non-Violent Communication model combined with mindful focusing so that we learn to communicate our feelings and needs, instead of getting stuck in repetitive blaming and conflict.

Men, Leadership, Potential

Are you confused and frustrated about what it means to be ‘a man’ in today’s world? What do terms like sexuality, masculinity, or potential mean to you? Were you brought up to be a ‘new’ man, only to find out that you cannot function in relationships? Are you frustrated that you cannot put yourself out there in the world? Do you feel drained of masculine energy, unable to bring out your masculine potency? Are you constantly procrastrinating, unable to achieve your goals? I work particularly with men on issues surrounding sexuality and gender identity, leadership and potential, relations and family.

Inhibitions, Abuse and transgression, Gender identity

Do you struggle with sexual functioning or sexual desire? Have you been the victim of sexual abuse or emotional (covert) incest? Do you struggle with your sexual identity? Do you have questions regarding the masculine and feminine energies and how they shape intimate relationships? Are you exploring different forms and boundaries than the more traditional relationships, in which you are discovering the delicate balance between autonomy and connection?

Stimulus sensitivity, Empathy, Justice

Do you have heightened senses, an enormous quick mind and unparalleled sense of justice? Have you always felt to be a little bit different from the rest? Do you feel you don’t always belong? It may well be that you have developed high-sensitivity. I will work with you on discovering how to deal with your high sensitivity, and to design your life in a way that supports this talent rather than have it obstruct your life.

Personal development, Spirituality
Life Goals

Querries on life goals, spirituality, personal development: what is your role in this world? How do you contribute? Through various techniques like meditation, mindfulness and focussing, you can discover  more intimately what really matters in your own life.