Flux Aeterna | Olivier Winants - Praktijk voor Integratieve Psychotherapie en Team Training
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Olivier Winants - English Speaking Psychotherapist Brussels
Olivier Winants

English speaking Integrative Psychotherapist Brussels

We all get stuck in life at some time. Whether it is because we are faced with old emotional struggles, new exterior challenges or transitionary phases in life. They can make us feel stuck or lost, unable to go on. Knowing things need to change, but not entirely certain about which direction to go in. We live in a culture were people are increasingly doing it alone and by themselves, unable or unwilling to reach out and search for support, or seemingly wihout anyone to reach out for. We have been told that you keep problems and struggles strictly to yourself, that strong accomplished human beings can take care of everything by themselves.

I do not share that view. I believe support is an essential element of any societal structure. We are social animals, we thrive on the safety of interconnection. The lack of support combined with an eternal push to go on in this endless rat-race, has plunged our societies in an unseen epidemic of loneliness, depression and burn-out. In my view, it takes courage to reach out for support. It is my personal and professional desire to contribute to a world where people reconnect with lost parts of themselves and to reconnect to each other, as human beings. I therefore welcome you to my website, where I hope you will find the necessary information to guide you onto your new path of healing.