Olivier Winants - About me - English speaking Integrative Psychotherapist
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A Bit About Me


Meditation Trainer

Group Therapy Trainer 

My name is Olivier. I am Belgian by birth but I have lived and worked in several countries (the U.S., Argentina and Spain) and have been living in the Netherlands since 2018. I am a trained human rights lawyer and have worked as a lawyer and political advisor in the European Parliament for 8 years. Ten years ago I started on a path to what I call the discovery of my deepest self. A path I am still on today. It has made me a passionate lover of psychology, psychotherapy, interpersonal neurobiology, the new systems thinking and different forms of holistic and ecological philosophy.

That personal quest prompted me to explore old patterns of beliefs, emotional responses and behaviours that have severely limited my  joy and freedom all my life. In that quest, I have come across aspects of what I call “my deeper self,” and have come closer to discovering what I really want in this life. I have redesigned my life step by step. That personal search has been intense, not always pleasant but always extremely fascinating. In this quest I have discovered that we are all searching, each in our own way and in our own uniqueness.

That realization prompted me to discover many aspects of the wonderful world of psychotherapy, which has been an essential resource for me to support my personal quest. For many years I have poured myself into almost every form of therapy that exists, which has brought me a lot of knowledge about myself and how to use psychotherapy to support clients in their own personal quest. I hold the degree of an ECP certified integrative therapist at the Educational Academy in Antwerp, I have a certificate in body-oriented therapy, non-violent communication and working with family constellations. I have also followed several training courses on sexuality, trauma and working with meditation. For three years I lead workshops at the European Parliament on meditation and non-violent communication. In my role as a psychotherapist I hope to support the client’s search with my own experience, in order to search together for the most authentic and true core of the self, and to celebrate the ensuing freedom.

I am writing my booklet ‘ A New Us’, which I aim to have finished end of this year. It is a call for rediscovering the power of caring in our relationships, communities and societies.