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A Bit About Me

Olivier Winants

English Speaking Psychotherapist Brussels

My name is Olivier, I’m 34 years old. I am a lawyer by training and currently working part-time as a legal and political advisor in the European Parliament, and have my own multi-languages spoken therapy practice in Brussels.

Some years ago, faced with certain tragic events in my life, I embarked on a personal quest that has brought me to investigate old patterns, beliefs, emotions and behaviours that I held, and which I realized have restricted the enjoyment and freedom of my life to a great extent.  During this quest I discovered what I like to call aspects of a ‘deeper self’ which enabled me to feel more consciously what I really want in this life and shape my life accordingly. That realisation has brought tremendous freedom and joy to my life, and has enabled me to steer my life in the direction that I want. This personal quest has been intense, at times difficult and challenging, but in the end extraordinarily exciting. 

I discovered that many of us, each in their own unique way, is on a quest for something, often searching to reach deeper depths of their personality, looking to become freer in their life choices, to enjoy life unburdened and live it more intentionally. This experience has enabled me to discover the many aspects of the wonderful world of psychotherapy, which I view as a major source of support in people’s personal quest for reconnecting to lost or underdeveloped parts of themselves and to search for more meaning in their lives. I emerged myself in almost every form of psychotherapy that exists, and it taught me both an own enriched understanding of myself, and at the same time a better understanding of how to support clients who embark on a similar quest. After many years of personal experience in psychotherapy groups, I obtained a certificate in body-oriented psychotherapy, and I have finished a four-year course in integrative psychotherapy. I have also followed several one-year trainings and workshops, for instance on trauma and sexuality, the non-violent communication model and working with family constellations. I also organise my own workshops on mindfulness, compassionate communication and conflict resolution models in the European Parliament. I hope that I can use my own experience and my training as a psychotherapist in supporting people in their individual search to discover and uncover the most authentic and deepest core of themselves, and to celebrate the freedom that emanates from it.